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Bonus Episode: Matt D Smith from Shift Nudge on the elements of a great user interface

Bonus Episode: Matt D Smith from Shift Nudge on the elements of a great user interface


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We’ve got a special bonus episode for you today. Matt D. Smith, better known as MDS, is the founder of Shift Nudge, and he has a mission to lead a new generation of interface designers to build the digital products of the future.

Matt’s courses on Shift Nudge have helped thousands of students at top companies like Apple, Figma, Lyft, Slack, and more, learn the visual skills of interface design, even when they didn’t start with a design background. 

In today’s episode, we talk about the elements of a great UI, typography, color theory, and where people often go wrong in UI design.

One more thing before we get to the show. Design Better listeners can get access to 3 free lessons from shift nudge for a limited time. Just go to to get free access.


Matt D Smith earned his BFA in Graphic Design from UGA in 2005 and has specialized in interface design ever since. He’s led projects around the world, served as an adjunct design professor, guest lectured at Harvard, and taught workshops at conferences all over the US.

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