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Bonus Episode: Dorrian Porter, CEO of Vestaboard

Bonus Episode: Dorrian Porter, CEO of Vestaboard

A special sponsored episode of the Design Better Podcast

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The sound and movement of a split flap display mesmerizes us like few things can. There’s a charm to these things. Travelers linger in front of them in train stations anticipating new information, happy to stick around to watch the magic.

Dorrian Porter’s encounter with a split flap display in Paris inspired a product idea that would later turn into a company—Vestaboard.

In our interview with Dorrian, we learn about the arc of his career, from corporate lawyer to serial entrepreneur, co-founding two software companies before taking on the new challenge of a company making a sophisticated hardware product. 

We talk about what inspired him to create Vestaboard, as well as their mission and vision, and how people are using the product in unique ways both at home and in the office.

This is a sponsored bonus episode we’re excited to share as Vestaboard is a brand we love. Their mission to inspire and connect people resonates with us and we think it will with you too.

Why we love Vestaboard

Vestaboard’s mission is to build products that can inspire others, which resonates with us here at Design Better as it aligns with our own mission to educate and inspire.

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We also love how the product uses design to connect us to one another. In a world where so many of us, including our kids, are often glued to screens, the Vestaboard creates a space for sharing inspiring quotes or creative imagery that causes us to look up and reflect.

Design Better listeners can get $200 off one of these magical displays from Vestaboard. Visit and use the code “DESIGNBETTER” at checkout to save $200.

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