Design Better Premium for Teams

The number one reason designers leave a job is they feel they’re not growing. Great educational resources are essential to retain and nurture talent.

That’s why we’ve created Design Better Premium for teams—the best way for your team to stay connected to craft and creativity and accelerate their learning.

Design Better guests inspire, inform, and challenge our notions of creativity. From top right: Greg Hoffman (Former Nike CMO), Paula Scher (legendary graphic designer), Ed Catmull (Pixar co-founder), OK Go (world’s most creative band), Eileen Fisher (fashion founder), David Sedaris (humorist), John Cleese (comedian and writer), Tony Fadell (co-inventor of the iPhone and iPod), and Sian Procter (astronaut and scientist).

The benefits of Design Better Premium for teams

  • Weekly, ad-free episodes that inspire and inform, released every Tuesday (free subscribers receive 2 ad-supported episodes per month)

  • Monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) events where your team can ask questions directly to former guests and industry experts, plus recordings of every past AMA.

  • Early and discounted access to workshops like our popular AI + Design Thinking workshop.

  • Our new, enhanced newsletter The Brief that compiles salient insights, quotes, readings, and creative processes uncovered in the show. 

Your team will learn …

  • Typography from Jonathan Hoefler (Hoefler & Co) and Ellen Lupton (educator and author)

  • Design history from Paola Antonelli (MoMA design and architecture curator), Llisa Demetrios (granddaughter of Charles and Ray Eames), and Paula Scher (Pentagram partner)

  • Creative collaboration from Ed Catmull (co-founder of Pixar), OK Go (the most creative band on Earth), and John Cleese (co-funder of Monty Python’s Flying Circus)

  • Design leadership from Irene Au (pioneering design leader at Netscape, Yahoo, and Google), and Kate Aronowitz (design leader at eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook [now Meta], and Wealthfront)

  • Prototyping from David Sedaris (humorist and author) and Tony Fadell (co-creator of iPhone and iPod)

  • Design systems from Eileen Fisher (fashion designer), Brad Frost (Atomic Design), and Dan Mall (design systems expert)

  • AI and creativity from John Maeda (VP of Design and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft) and Matt Mullenweg (founder of Automattic, Wordpress)

  • Design thinking from David Kelley (founder of IDEO and the Stanford

  • Storytelling and product design from Georg Petschnigg (New York Times)

  • Interface design from Matt D Smith (Shift Nudge)

  • DesignOps from Meredith Black (Figma, DesignOps Assembly co-founder)

  • And so much more …

Every week they’ll learn from an inspiring expert. Every month they’re get to talk with an industry leader. It’s an endless educational buffet that will keep your team inspired and engaged.

Plus, special team events

Additionally, we have a limited number of opportunities to bring in Design Better co-hosts, Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery, for a post-AMA lunch and learn, or to deliver an hour-long talk with Q&A as a part of your Design Better for teams membership.

Learn more about Eli Woolery and Aarron Walter

Design Better co-host Aarron Walter has spoken at more than 100 companies and conferences around the world, and we have a limited number of opportunities for him to deliver a talk to your team.

Companies like Figma, Dropbox, Instacart and Faire already support their teams’ growth with Design Better Premium for teams. Book a call with us to discuss setting up an account for your team.

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